Symbol Tables for Agent-Oriented Programming

MAS file

In a MAS file, the following symbols can be introduced:

  • File names: names of files for environments and agents are used in MAS files. File names obviously have a name and sometimes a partial or full path to the file is also provided.
  • Agent names: names for agents can be introduced using the name option. Names are strings.

Agent Program

In an agent program, the following symbols can be introduced:

  • Modules: when a new module is introduced, a name for that module and the number of arguments of that module need to be specified.
  • Actions:
  • Predicates:
  • Variables:

Symbols Don't (Need to) Have Types

Symbols in most KR languages are not typed (the domain of a variable, for example, is not specified in the language) and the agent programming language inherits this from these languages.