MAS Analyser

The main artefact that is provided by this project is an analyser. This analyser is able to output:

  • all errors and warnings found during parsing and validating a module or MAS.
  • the ontology of a module or MAS when asked to do so (i.e., when the -ontology option is selected).
  • statistics about the number of rules, mental state operators, built-in actions, action specifications, modules, and predicate definitions that are used in the agent or MAS when asked to do so (i.e., when the -statistics option is selected).

Run from Command Line

To run the analyser from the command line, enter:

java -jar languageTools-<versionnr>.analyser <filename or folder> [-ontology] [-statistics]

In case a single file is provided, the file should be a MAS, module, or test file. In case a folder is provided, the analyser will search the folder for such files and produce output for each.