Download and Install the MARBEL Plugin

This page explains how to install MARBEL to get started with the language.

Requirements for installation

MARBEL requires Java 8 or later. We support the following operating systems:

  • Windows 32 and 64-bit

  • macOS 10.14 and up (M1 or Intel)

  • Linux 64-bit (Ubuntu Xenial Xerus or later equivalent; at least Focal Fossa or equivalent is recommended)

Eclipse Plugin

For integrated development, we have made a plugin for the Eclipse IDE available, including tools for debugging and testing. Perform the following instructions to install this plugin:

Step 1: Install Eclipse

If you do not have Eclipse installed yet, download an installer (in a new tab) and run it. Select the IDE for Java Developers. It may also be useful to install a separate version of Eclipse that you use for MARBEL if you already have an instance of Eclipse installed.

Step 2: Launch Eclipse

Launch Eclipse. If prompted, select a workspace directory. Note that special characters in the path of this directory are not recommended.

Step 3: Add link to MARBEL

In the Eclipse menu, select Help > Install New Software > Add to add a new repository (with any name you like) and add the following URL:

Step 4: Install the Plugin

Select the MARBEL Agent Programming field's checkbox (make sure 'Group items by category' is enabled), click Next and follow the installation steps. During installation, indicate that you trust the unsigned content.

Step 5: Restart Eclipse

Restart when the installation is complete (you will be prompted).

Step 6: Open Perspective

Switch Eclipse to the MARBEL perspective for the first time through Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other > MARBEL.

Now you are ready to start programming and exploring MARBEL. One easy way to get started is by, for example, selecting File > New > MARBEL Example Project which provides several example MARBEL projects.

Please see Tutorials, Documentation and Education for further instructions.

Headless Use

The MARBEL runtime can also be downloaded for headless use here.